Colorectal Cancer Staging Atlas

  • Colorectal Staging 1
  • Colorectal Staging 2
  • Colorectal Staging 3
  • Colorectal Staging 4

Manon N.G. Braat, MD
Wouter B. Veldhuis, MD PhD

Dept. of Radiology, University Medical Center, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The second, fully interactive cancer staging atlas, created by doctors, for doctors.

The app can dynamically adapt itself to be both a quick-reference for day-to-day staging facts and pearls, as well as an in-depth teaching atlas of colorectal cancer imaging.

The app will teach you how colon and rectal cancer are staged on imaging. What treatments are available for both hepatic and extra-hepatic metastatic disease. What imaging findings influence the choice of treatment and predict the course of diseases, and related topics such as liver resection, RFA, radio-embolisation, chemo-toxicity, missing vs disappearing metastases etc.

For optimal retention you can let the atlas quiz you, by presenting fully interactive cases for you to read, starting with the actual clinical history and presentation, followed by an extensive explanation of pertinent imaging findings.

ISBN: 978-90-827495-0-2

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